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20 businesses you can start now

Some young chaps are looking for business to startup, perhaps due to unemployment or the zeal to become an entrepreneur or just the will to create multiple streams of income. I have heard people asking questions like “how  do I  start a small business?”. While business ideas might not be hard to find but the execution can be hard. In fact, your brilliant business idea is not enough for your business to succeed.

You can decide to start one or two businesses and start making residual income from multiple streams. But if you have decided to be an entrepreneur you must possess some entrepreneurial characteristics

Digital skills

Digital skills are making waves on the internet now. Like a friend of mine says, “Digital skill is the next oil.” Well I wouldn’t argue that because it’s obvious that the price of crude oil is going every day. Furthermore, we are in the information age, which is why you should skill up now.

Courses are available mostly for

  • Graphics design and animation:

Gone are the days when animation is hard. There is a lot of software now that makes graphic design very easy with clicks and drags. Even mobile phones I create amazing banners in no time.

Home made hand sanitizer and face mask ebook

That design was made using my phone. Although, it’s not a standard design but it conveys the message. It’s here on amazon kindle currently opened for a free read. I downloaded the baby, hand, and sanitizer separately, I removed the background online and I combined the images all on my phone within a few minutes. When you go to app stores you will find numerous apps for designs and animation.

  • Web design and development: 

Today we have a choice to do away with coding Html, java scripts, CSS, PHP and create a stunning website in minutes. Platforms like Wix, WordPress, Blogger, etc now make web development very easy for those that do not have a head for coding.

  • Digital marketing:

This is an inevitable service that every business needs in this current century. Businesses are moving from local space to the internet now to reach a larger audience. The struggle for businesses to be seen, know, and reach more clients on the internet is getting real now and people need the service of a digital marketer.

For writing and editing skill, websites like,, creates opportunity for:

  • Proofreading
  • ghostwriting – Article, story writing, business plan writing

You can create your information product and sell it to the target audience or group.


Government clamours for more farmers every day and encourages youths to venture into farming. Agro-allied business cannot go stall for once because food is essential for every living being. Even during the recent compulsory lockdown, registered farmers were granted free passage to and fro.

  • Small Poultry
  • Fishery
  • Snail farming
  • Crop farming

Craftsmanship and Handy work

 Your creativity makes you shine.

  • Leatherworks:

 This is for someone that has known leather work before. Although one can learn leatherwork within 3 months and be able to make good shows if one practices well enough. Clients are willing to pay high for unique and need shoe designs.

  • Bead making and ornamental design:

Many people are moving from chains to beads when it comes to outing outfits. Bead making doesn’t take time to lean and gives room for creativity. I attended an entrepreneurship program at the University of Ilorin, a young man talks about entrepreneurship and he makes bead for a living, full time. He explained that he makes unique bead designs by mixing pearls with beads and necklaces. He has big clients from different industries. His works speak for him.

  • Cake Baking and pastries: 

Important symbols of birthday celebrations are mostly cakes and pastries. Every day in the calendar is the birth date of people.  Even with celebrating anything, some people just order for cake because they love it.

  • Fashion design:

This business needs creativity and professionalism to rank high in the niche. You don’t have to learn this work for a year like before. Within three months you can learn and start making elegant design. Dedication and determination is the key anyways. Continuous practice makes you perfect.


  • Restaurant:

If you have good culinary skills, you can venture into this business. Better still, you can hire cooks that will do all the work for you. To stand out of the crowd, be consistent with the mode of preparation of your dishes, that’s your signature. Imagine someone passes by and be able to trace the aroma of your food to you. That makes you stand out of the crowd.

  • Buying and selling:

Whether it’s dropshipping or import and sell, both are driving huge profit for those that are involved in it. It might not necessarily be importation, not everyone has the effrontery to let go of their money to a foreign website and be expecting their purchase to arrive in a month or two months, considering the increase in the rate of cybercrime. You can buy from the big market in your country and sell to local markets, it’s still profitable.

  • Logistics service:

Waiting for so long before you get what you want can be frustrating. Going through huddles to get what you want can be worse.  People are used to instant gratification. “I want movies and I get tones staring back at me on my laptop.”, “I want to see funny videos, I have access to it instantly without waiting till tomorrow.” Those are the feeling we are used to. Well, that feeling has managed to graduate from social media life to our day to day activities. That’s where people need a logistics service. They want to order goods and have it delivered to their doorstep.

As a logistics service provider, you have to meet companies that deliver to other companies, like restaurants that deliver food to banks. You might have to convince some to include delivery service with their sales to improve customer experience. For a start, you can buy a bike or two and hire dispatch rider(s). You can decide to pay them for delivery commission or have a fixed salary for them. That depends on some factors though and bother to have their pros and cons.

  • Estate management:

I have done this before when I was 20. There was an uncle that built his house in my area and needed someone to handle clients for him; he lives in another state far away from the state I and my parent lives. Been a college boy, I offered to handle the clients for him while he gave me my cut. I realized nothing less than 100k from that single house. Although, I was lucky the area was a student area.  I posted banners, distribute flyers, and told few friends. That was all that worked the magic for me.

You might have to do more than that if you are to make a consistent income from estate management though.  You will have to source for lands and houses to sell and refer buyers to the sellers.

  • Laundry service:

 This is one of easy-to-start the lucrative businesses.  Everyone wears cloth every day and we have to wash them whether we like laundry or not. Some don’t even like doing laundry while some don’t even have the time to do their laundry. That’s where they need a laundryman. You don’t have to wash people’s cloth yourself, you can hire washer – men or buy washing machines and hire some to run the machine and another to press the clothes. All the process can happen in your compound If you have enough space in there.

  • Rental service:

This business thrives in areas where people take all forms of celebrations seriously. Not many people see rental service as a lucrative business.

  • Beauty salon:

People will do anything to look good, especially ladies. Opening a unisex salon will take them (client) all in for you. Hire professional stylists and you will see a lot of referrals. You may need more than that though. Promotional offers, jingles, flyers distribution, and awareness creation will go a long way in pulling new customers to you. People already where they are comfortable making their hair but trust me human beings are always looking for better tastes.

  • Gaming centre /Football show centre

 Gaming centre is where people (usually young) play computer games like play station and Nintendo. Football show and gaming centre are businesses mostly go together to maximize income. Football show has season while gaming has no season but football shows can generate much income at once than gaming centre. So it’s best to combine the two if you have the manpower. While the football show can’t be mobile, the gaming centre can be mobile, that is you can take games to events like a picnic, a birthday party, and the likes. Good TVs and comfortable seats are all you need. You can add refreshments like popcorn, ice cream, soft drinks as add –ons.

  • Bonus: Assorted meat, Barbeque, Fish barbeque and smoothies are great for “joints” and resort centers

Those are the small businesses that you can do with little or no startup capital. Be sure to do your research properly on the market status of such business(es)  you want to venture into. A deep analysis, better said a solid business plan is very vital to the success of any business.

Starting your own business needs a concrete plan. Any business cannot survive without a driving force that is consistent, dedicated, and persistent. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel but you need to drive the wheel uniquely to become successful in any business. Learn how to get small business capital here

Usman Adio

Adio Usman is a prolific writer well equipped with research and analytic reasoning all sum into his 5+ years of writing experience. He helps businesses (of various sizes) in creating contents (articles, blog posts, sales copy, and many more) that attract and/or retain customers. Business and financial guides catch his fancy. He is open for freelance writing. When he is not writing, he is reading a good book, playing with design or seeing movies.

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