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Every day we (a large number of people living on planet earth) wake up hoping that everything is back to normal but we meet disappointment. I feel excited though because I have some projects I’m working and no boss standing over my head to complete a task on time. While some are taking advantage of the lockdown to the brim by upgrading their skills and adding more to their skill set, some people are just waiting patiently to resume their normal day to day activities outside their home. That’s the spirit of having a side hustle. Huh! Finally, I spilled the beans.  I mean the side hustle part. Do you have a skill set that can make you extra cash or get you qualified for jobs?

Maybe It’s about to explode. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

If you have an insight of the things happening today (the Coronavirus menace/lockdown), the fall of crude oil price, the rise of the dollar, stand still in the world right now; small businesses folding up and/or struggling to run a business remotely and seamless. Do you read more meaning to the sequence or you are just thing “we are on a sort of holiday”?

Let’s connect the dots.

3 reasons why you should skill up now

It’s a revolution happening

Governments of developing countries might downsize their workforce at the end of Coronavirus lockdown. Think about it, private companies are already doing it. There will be a high percentage of unemployment when we are eventually free from this COVID-19 menace.

Activities around the world are on hold. The economy of countries is taking a head fall which means governmental revenues are being cut. Governments are spending the money in their reserve and/or borrow money from international organizations. Small businesses are folding up due to inactivity, some are cutting the pay of their staff and some staff are relieved of their duty.

Now education sectors, government, and individuals take social media seriously. This is the greatest societal restructuring that has ever happened in the history of mankind. Everyone is now expected to skill up their digital skills. The current situation around the world is an unnamed revolution on the way, and one of the ways to better prepare for it is to skill up your digital skills.

why you should sharpen your skillsets now (skill up now.)

Andrew McAskill as seen in the picture took to his LinkedIn space to advise people on the recent change in the labour market and how it will be flooded at the end of the lockdown.

Everything digital is free or cheap now

The digital world is receiving massive attention now. Companies on the front face of the world are reducing the cost of their digital services or throwing it to the public for free.  Springer released More than a hundred of their textbooks to be downloaded for free for a limited period. IBM is also offering lots of free courses for free. Fundamental Digital marketing and some other courses from google are free (with a certificate upon completion). A list of five free causes is available here.

There is no perfect time

Most of us seek for the perfect time to lunch a product, execute a plan, establish a business, start training, make a call, or take action in general. Unless you are a health worker on the frontline, have you ever had this free time you have now? I mean even if you are on a remote work routine, you still have the liberty to some extent, to schedule your activity the way you want. Now is the time to act. I felt intimidated somehow when I saw a data scientist upload 6 certificates he has acquired during the lockdown. Well, our priorities are different anyways. But what’s the use of a priority that doesn’t serve others? Minor priorities are inevitable though but the priorities that we make up ourselves are important. “Just do it” as Nike would say.

innovate now, skill up now.

Another LinkedIn user, Kemi Onadiran sensitised people on how the job space, business world, and life itself have changed. “Now is the time to think out of the box then ACT! Innovate or go extinct, swim, or sink.” She said.

It’s time you make some research, get a creative business idea, develop a product (solution), test, and lunch.

Usman Adio

Adio Usman is a prolific writer well equipped with research and analytic reasoning all sum into his 5+ years of writing experience. He helps businesses (of various sizes) in creating contents (articles, blog posts, sales copy, and many more) that attract and/or retain customers. Business and financial guides catch his fancy. He is open for freelance writing. When he is not writing, he is reading a good book, playing with design or seeing movies.

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